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Why us?


We are a team of highly skilled facilitators, educators and community leaders who have committed our personal and professional lives to supporting healing and reconciliation as a social change model. 



What do we do?


We provide consulting services which name a historical context for present day issues, provide guidance on resources and timelines that promote and honor healing, and support public reconciliation events which incorporate a mind body spirit approach. Our areas of specific focus include the modern day challenges rooted in histories of colonization, slavery, genocide and sexual harm. By naming and healing the past harms, we are more effective at avoiding future programming and funding strategies that may repeat some of these past harmful actions. 

Who do we serve? 


Private and community foundations. We consult with and train foundations who are interested in funding strategies that are healing- centered and/or reconciliation focused. 


Non-profit boards. We consult with and train non-profit boards and leadership teams to develop a strategic plan incorporating a healing- centered, reconciliation approach to programing. 


Community groups and organizers. We provide webinars, workshops and trainings to individuals who are interested in being a part of the Community for Racial Healing or a Citizen Reconciliation Ambassador in their communities of influence. 


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