Our promise, and our request for help and guidance: To restore the order of things, and for our event, to focus and begin with the First Nations People. The collaborators feel strongly that any community events offered must involve the honoring and the naming of the disruption of this order. And to ensure that the proper respects are paid prior to and during this event. We are ready to listen carefully and to act as requested by those who are willing to provide guidance in the restoration of order, in this process, and in the name of the greater good of all.

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We will adjust and change in response to this guidance.  We are committed to doing our own learning during this process, knowing that the work must come from within first.  We actively accept the possibility of both the colonizer and colonized in our own ancestral line. We understand that both the oppressor and the oppressed lies within each of us and that we may all carry the wounds of being disconnected from our ancestry. We are willing to make reparations and we are willing to forgive. We believe in our shared human connection to the earth. 

We are ready to consider using a new language, perhaps the oldest language, to help dream forward this community to a future where the healing is less needed.  Where the healing is needed for emergencies only, not for the healing of the old ancestral wounds. We dream forward the true definition of prevention; to heal the root causes of the wounds, our own unique, inherited historical trauma, that lies before us at our feet.  


We honor, also, that the daily traumas, in our lives, and even during our day, may be so significant as to prevent us from being involved actively. If this is so, we allow ourselves and each other, to define how to stay involved safely. We give ourselves, and each of us, permission to care for that vulnerable part of us that needs our attention during these times. We welcome change in the group facilitators, healers, collaborators, fundersand attendees, as we remain open and curious about who may need to be in these circles during this time.


We dream for a future where we can gather in our diverse communities, and tell the story of these old, old harms, to use our bodies and our artistic expression to artfully and deeply tell these stories, to transform and transmute these past harms into our future wisdom, for the greater community to participate by bearing witness and sharing in the voyage, through the process of community reconciliation.  


The idea of dreaming forward our communities comes from equal parts Martin Luther King Jr. and Taylor Mac. Taylor Mac (uses "judy" as a pronoun), is a recipient of the MacArthur Genius Award. Judy is currently performing around the world in the Award-winning show "A 24-Decade History of popular music". 

If you have not seen one of Mac's shows, we strongly encourage you to attend one of the showings.